Möller’s Aim Trainer Build 119

This week I have been focusing more on back-end changes, such as tools to fast and easy add new options. Also rewrote stuff to make it easier for mod creators, when I add mod support.

Build 119 Changes:

  • One new room, Left Right Room. It’s similar to reflex room, but focusing more on left and right flicks.
  • Big UI changes, which is gonna make everything more clear and easier to use. But a lot is still work in process.
  • Added Steam leaderboards, only for users that have the Steam version of the game. I’m gonna start focusing more on the Steam version, so if you want that, join the discord and ask for a key.
  • Added particles effects when hitting targets, it’s off by default.
  • Improved player movement.
  • [Bigger smaller room] Fixed it didn’t separate highscores with the spawn delay.
  • [UI] Added two new crosshairs.
  • [UI] It now plays the audio when you swap which shot/hit sound you are using.

Download Möller’s Aim Trainer Build 119 (Windows)

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Möller’s Aim Trainer Build 118

The new loading screen when starting the game, it should go faster and smoother then before.

Build 118 Changes:

  • Adding shooting sounds.
  • Improved loading.
  • Fixed so crosshair scale gets loaded from the start.
  • All crosshairs are now double in size, so they scale up better. (Note: You may have to change your scale to 0.5 if you had it at 1 before.
  • [Bigger Then Smaller Room] It nows tries to avoid spawning targets to close to another target so they overlap.

Download Möller’s Aim Trainer Build 118 (Windows)

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Möller’s Aim Trainer Build 117

Build 117 Changes:

  • Added presets to room settings, so you can save you preferred settings and easily switch between them. Currently no way of saving new presets in game, but it’s coming in a future patch. For now you can edit them manually at UserData\RoomPresets.
  • Added a stats graph of all your scores in a room.
  • Improved loading when starting the game.
  • Default fullscreen mode is now “fullscreen windowed”, which allows easier and faster tabbing. But for people that still want to run in “exclusive fullscreen”, there is a shortcut exe for doing that.
  • Game now pauses when you open the menu,
  • Fixed so a lot of text scale better with higher resolutions.
  • Fixed a bug where biggest combo stats didn’t reset between rounds.
  • [Reflex room] Default alive time and delay between spawns lowered from 0.5 to 0.45.
  • Ball room is now in a playable state, it’s still gonna be changed a lot in future patches.

Download Möller’s Aim Trainer Build 117 (Windows)

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