Möller’s Aim Trainer Build 115


Reaction test room.

Bullet holes is now in the game.


  • Added new room. Reaction Time room.
  • Added bullet holes for when you shot, you can change them in options if you want.
  • Added fullscreen and resolutions options, and removed the game’s launcher since it’s not needed anymore.
  • Added option for hitmarker alive time.
  • Added option for turning the hitmarker on/off.
  • [Tracking room] Fixed bug where target moved to much to one side.
  • [Tracking room] Now correctly separates highscores that are played with different distance options.
  • [Bigger then smaller room] Changed default alive time on targets from 2 to 3 seconds.
  • [360 tracking room] Fixed so you don’t instantly start a new round after playing one round.

Build 115C Changes:

  • Fixes bug where it changes to the other screen when you tab out.
  • Fixes the reaction room cooldown between shots being to low.

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