Möller’s Aim Trainer Build 117

Build 117 Changes:

  • Added presets to room settings, so you can save you preferred settings and easily switch between them. Currently no way of saving new presets in game, but it’s coming in a future patch. For now you can edit them manually at UserData\RoomPresets.
  • Added a stats graph of all your scores in a room.
  • Improved loading when starting the game.
  • Default fullscreen mode is now “fullscreen windowed”, which allows easier and faster tabbing. But for people that still want to run in “exclusive fullscreen”, there is a shortcut exe for doing that.
  • Game now pauses when you open the menu,
  • Fixed so a lot of text scale better with higher resolutions.
  • Fixed a bug where biggest combo stats didn’t reset between rounds.
  • [Reflex room] Default alive time and delay between spawns lowered from 0.5 to 0.45.
  • Ball room is now in a playable state, it’s still gonna be changed a lot in future patches.

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