Moller’s Aim Trainer Build 124 & 125

Build 125

Build 125 Changes

This build changes how targets spawn in reflex and popup targets room. Before they spawned completly random, which made users score a bit lucky depeneded. The new way changes the so it has equal amount of short/mid/far distance spawns from the previous target.

What that change it also means that the highscores on those  rooms have been reseted.

Build 124

This build contains a lot of UI fixes, and also added a new zoom sensitivity option, you can easily set your set your zoom sensitivity correctly and practice sniping.

Build 124 Changes

  • Now shows patchnotes ingame.
  • Added Relative Zoom Sensitivity. When you zoom in your sensitivity becomes “normal sensitivity*  Relative Zoom Sensitivity). This is what Overwatch and other games are using. So for example, if you have 38 in Overwatch, then you should have 0.38 here.
  • You can now set horizontal FOV directly.
  • Improved color picker.
  • Fixed input boxes so they are easier to use.
  • Minor UI changes.
  • Default FOV is now 70.53 (103 horizontal). So it’s the same as Overwatch. (Only affects new users)
  • Default zoom FOV is now 30.04. So it’s the same as Overwatch. (Only affects new users)
  • Fixed so local leaderboard updates correctly when changing preset.

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