Moller’s Aim Trainer/Aimtastic Build 126

New Name!

Changing the name of the game to Aimtastic, since it sounds way better.

New UI

This build introduces a whole new UI. The advantages of this new UI is that is running a webpage as the UI. Which makes it easy to modify. Which is important when I add mod support.

It might have some bugs and look a bit unpolished now at the start. But make sure to report bugs and suggestions on Discord.

New graphics options

Four new graphics options, that make the game look better. But you can toggle all of them on or off if you rather have the fps boost.
But generally shouldn’t be a problem, since this game is not CPU or GPU intensive.

Patch notes

  • A lot of changes to everything on the backend side, so doing a one time wipe of local scores and settings.
  • Changed where your config and keybindings file path. They now residents in the Userdata folder. So now everything is cosier.
  • Changed how your scores on your computer are saved, the old way had dependencies on a program that wasn’t stable enough.

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